Catherine Mayer

Catherine is the London Bureau Chief for TIME magazine and has been a journalist for over 27 years specialising in current affairs and social trends. She is married and lives in London.


"Brilliantly documents The End of Growing Up"
- Oliver James

"Clever, witty and absorbing, Amortality is a much-needed anatomy of our profound malaise about ageing. Its charms will never fade."
- David Baddiel

"A smart, entertaining and winningly astringent look at a very important topic."
- William Gibson, Bestselling science-fiction author

"Mayer has most acutely struck a nerve. Extraordinarily revealing."
- Jon Snow, Broadcaster

"This spooky sounding condition turns out to be very nice, I'm definitely hoping I've got it."
- Matthew Collings, Artist and Cultural Commentator

Catherine Mayer - Amortality